Due to suspicious activity, free signup is no longer accepted.

Contact techsupport@nwds-ak.com to setup your portal. There will be a $1,000 USD setup fee applied.

We will secure a dedicated URL and provide setup assistance. You will still be able to cancel at any time, but setup fees are not refundable.
Password Requirements

Passwords must be at least 7 characters in length

*Private operators and on-demand corporate charters are not eligible unless they are existing SMS Pro™ Lite customers.
If you are in doubt about your eligibility please contact sales@nwds-ak.com

Website Name Options

Website name must be unique to your company, and will be used as a part of web address of your newly created SMS Pro™ portal (e.g. smspro-sam.com/WEBSITE_NAME).

If you pick a website name that's already taken, you'll see Child Portal Already Exists warning and would have to pick another name.

Let's say your company name is Great Sightseeing Alaskan Tours, and your website is www.bestaktours.com, here are a few good candidates for a website name field (please note that no spaces or punctuation is allowed, otherwise you'll see Portal Name Is Not Valid warning):

  • GSAT
  • bestaktours
  • bestaktourscom
  • GreatSightseeingAlaskanTours

Existing SMS Pro Lite customers must use your account's password in the signup form below. If you are unsure you have an existing account, contact sales@nwds-ak.com for assistance.

Portal creation can take anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute.
Once portal has been successfully created you will be redirected to your home page. Bookmark this location, for this is where you will sign in to access your new SMS Pro portal.
Other Offers
If your organization meets the eligibility requirements listed above but requires more users, then you're in luck. We are also offering the following plans:

20 Users for $300/month
30 Users for $400/month
40 Users for $500/month

To register for these plans or more information, please contact sales@nwds-ak.com

Refund Policy

NO REFUNDS! Modules and their functionality are subject to change without formal notice. We have a no refund policy.

Once portal registration is submitted, it will be processed and can not be refunded for any reason; however a Letter of Transfer is available.

A Letter of Transfer is available to upgrade your portal to increase number of users. All requests for Letters of Transfer must be submitted in writing and include the number of users you wish to increase. Requests must be submitted one week prior by email to techsupport@nwds-ak.com.

Upgrade Transfers can involve hundreds of users. Upon request, NWDS support staff can do a bulk insert of users into the system. Provide a list of users in MS Excel including First Name, Last Name and Email Address.

Downgrade Transfers involves limiting the number of users in your portal and the associated fees. A one-time administration fee of $250 USD will be applied to "soft-delete" the users identified and other configuration tasks. You must provide a list of users to "soft-delete" from the system within one week of the Downgrade Transfer request.

NWDS is not responsible for acts of God, nature, war, union or labor disputes or other events outside our control.